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When your initial 3 month contract has ended, you will be placed into a rolling 30 day contract. After the initial period of 3 months, you can click the 'Manage My Subscription' button at any time and choose the 'Cancel My Subscription' button. This will stop any future payments on your account.

Why Can't I click the 'Update My Subscription' button?

This button will only become clickable once your initial 3 month subscription has ended.

What is MyOmniPass Gold?

MyOmniPass Gold is exclusively available for MyOmniPass members who have had their account for over 3 months. All members are updated automatically to enjoy new benefits including unlimited pre-booking of movies both online and in-cinema (as long as they don't overlap, and you only see a movie once).

How can I get access to MyOmniPass Gold?

You will be automatically upgraded to MyOmniPass Gold after your 3 month initial subscription has passed.

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What is OmniplexMAXX?

OmniplexMAXX is Omniplex's Premium Large Format or PLF. Our goal is to immerse you, the viewer, into the movie. OmniplexMAXX uses three key senses to achieve this, sight, sound and feel. We convert these senses into three elements and use a mix of technology and design to create an unique immersive experience.

Dundonald Omniplex

The Large Screen

A minimum OmniplexMAXX screen measures 15 meters in 'Flat' ratio or over 20 meters in 'Scope' ratio. We curve the screen by 5% for optimum 'light gain' and to achieve a more even spread of light.

Advanced Sound

Omniplex Cinemas have partnered with Dolby Laboratories to install Dolby Atmos in our OmniplexMAXX screens. Dolby Atmos is the most advanced audio available, and rather than being channel based like standard 5.1 surround sound it is object based meaning every speaker can create its own individual sound within the auditorium, even the ceiling speakers! A typical OmniplexMAXX screen may have anywhere between 35-65 speakers, each creating its own sound.

Dolby Atmos creates 'moving audio' by using a multitude of speakers around you and above you. This allows you distinguish even the smallest of sounds in great detail making it feel like you're right in the middle of the action.

Leather Rocker Chairs

All OmniplexMAXX screens feature our iconic leather rocker seats to provide the ultimate comfort while you are enjoying your film.

Optimum Auditorium Design

This is broken down into two areas seat location and the seat itself. We design the auditorium for optimum sight lines, for example if the auditorium width is over 16m on Flat ratio or 21m scope ratio we curve the seating layout. This gives optimum sight lines for both middle and edge seating. We also have a standard OmniplexMAXX riser for each isle/row to ensure your sight line is above the person in front of you. The seat you sit in is also paramount. We have custom designed seating for comfort and rockers to allow positional comfort.

Why choose OmniplexMAXX?

There are 3 simple reasons to choose OmniplexMAXX; the advanced sound, the biggest screens and the comfiest seats. The OmniplexMAXX screen allows you to immerse yourself in the film, it's an experience you won't forget!


There is a surcharge in place for OmniplexMAXX performances. This varies throughout the day so please select a performance you would like to view for accurate pricing.

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